BIG FLY has adopted technology from "BUHLER" Switzerland.

  • We are having finest processing capacity about 144,000 kg per day. Our Technology have been built with keeping in mind ISO 9001:2008, ISO 22000:2005, HACCP and others international standards.


The "BUHLER" is Switzerland based specialist and technology company for plant equipment and related services for processing foods and manufacturing advanced materials.

This technology adopted by us to ensure,

  • Uniform product quality and reduce operational cost.
  • Regular training & software up-gradation for knowledge and better understanding of machine operations.
  • We have adopted latest machine modules for cleaning as well as SORTEX operation to get effective result.


The SORTEX performs with speed, efficiency and reliability, removing defective and foreign material from a variety of products. It meets our requirements for capacity, sorter precision, reliability and ease of use.

In house R&D dept. follows standard set of research methodology to analyse different product characteristics.

Certain features that are developed to ensure the fulfilment,
  • The five-module design allows for higher capacity sorting and greater variation for configuration. The SORTEX can support primary/secondary/tertiary sorting arranged as 3+1+1 or 3+2.
  • The SORTEX is also available with split feed as a factory option, further expanding the flexibility of configuration.
  • A combination of flatter background lighting and auto-calibration gives a more even ejection rate, module to module, delivering consistent and reliable performance, month after month.
  • The low-voltage digital drive technology for the vibrators leads to more consistent throughput over time and between modules, optimising sorter performance without operator intervention.
  • Sealed optical boxes keep dust out of components and away from the inside of the glass.
  • Better detection of spot defects and yellow grains, due to improved background lighting design.
  • Ability to store user-defined modes for fast product changeovers.
  • Feed chute have a built-in feature to reduce spillage at feed transition point.

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